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How to choose the accessory pump in the new energy vehicle battery test?

New energy vehicle battery testing plays a more important role in the development of new energy vehicles. In the operation process, the pump is the key supporting equipment in the LNEYA test equipment, which is also concerned by people. So how to choose the pump?

The type and model of the pump in the new energy vehicle battery test need to meet the calculated flow, pressure, temperature and other industries, need to meet specific media characteristics requirements, for the specific substance in operation, the reliability of the pump shaft seal and Sealing, such as magnetically driven pumps, is recommended to be driven indirectly by an isolated magnetic force. If the medium is corrosive, it is recommended to use corrosion-resistant materials for fluid components. If it is a pump containing solid particles, it is recommended to use a flow-resistant component with a wear-resistant material. If necessary, the shaft seal is rinsed with a clean liquid.

In the new energy vehicle battery test, the accessory pump has certain requirements in operation, such as reliability, noise, and vibration. These aspects need to be calculated and considered at the same time. The pump input cost is correctly calculated, and the pump performance curve is selected according to the pump. Specifications and models, when the pump use requirements can not find a suitable model in the performance parameter table, you can refer to the pump performance curve to select the appropriate pump type.

Of course, it is not only the pump that needs to be used in the battery test of new energy vehicles. In other refrigeration heating equipment, it should be noted that if the corrosive medium is input, the environment used by the pump should not be polluted, and the magnetic pump can be selected as well. The media level is mounted below the pump and a specific type of pump is also required.

In addition to the above-mentioned selection points, the pump of the new energy vehicle battery test needs to pay attention to the model and brand of the pump. In addition to the better brand pump, the cost performance of the pump also needs to be considered.
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