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Auxiliary equipment for LNEYA glass reactor system

Metal jacketed glass reactor system
Mechanical seal stainless steel jacket connected cylindrical glass container PTFE gasket seal top flange and stainless steel jacket;
With insulation layer, the outer layer is stainless steel SUS layer;
The geometry and geometric proportion of the glass container follow the jacketed glass reactor;
Insulating Perlite/Foam Glass Thickness Design Standard;
Internal stainless steel jacket with deflector for improved thermal conductivity;
A minimum of 1 to 2 mm clearance is left between the jacketed spiral and the outer wall of the glass container. The stainless steel spiral is housed in a PTFE sleeve to protect the container from mechanical stress and to ensure clearance.
Complete stainless steel jacket with insulation, cover and support.
The jacket seal is resistant to internal pressures of 0.5 bar(g)_180 °C. Can design 1.0bar;
There is a spring member at the bottom of the container. In contact with the bottom of the container is a tetrafluoroethylene member.
GMP-compliant design, jacketed drain.
Agitator (glass-lined CBRT), glass-lined thermometer set (with or without Ta tip), the dip tube meets the standard for glass-lined reactors.
The bottom glass container can be replaced (if damaged).
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