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Is It Necessary to Install A Hot Water Circulation System in Your Home?

The heated water circulator is suitable for households where the water heater is far from the outlet. The area of the home is very large, so there is good advantage existing in installing one. After all, it is a test to wait for hot water in winter. But the cost of purchasing and installing the circulator is not cheap, about 50-100 yuan for per meter.

And in use, the heated water circulator has to start up for more than ten times a day. Although it consumes less electricity, the gas cost will be amazing. Therefore, to install hot water circulation system, starting from comfort, we can not think of expensive and energy-saving, but should start from the comfort.

If you want to save water and money, or if the home area is not too large, it is not recommended to install heated water circulator.

Fourth, not all households need heated water circulator

The water heater is far from the bathroom, especially the shower. Households with hot water pipes longer than 5 meters are more suitable for backwater. Otherwise, they should wait for hot water before bathing, brushing teeth, and washing dishes. The water rushes out, looking wasteful. The water basin then occupies the space, which can not be used up at all by flushing toilet, watering flowers and mopping the floor.

Because the price of the heated water circulator itself also needs thousands of yuan, plus the installation fee of the return pipe, there is no price advantage compared with hundreds of yuan of kitchen treasure. Just the kitchen or washbasin needs hot water. It's better to have a kitchen treasure or an electric hot water tap.

That is to say, the problem of hot water such as bathing can be solved by using a backwater device; dishwashing or hand washing can be done by using kitchen treasures or electric hot water faucets.
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