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Ultra-Low Temp. Cold Storage

Ultra-Low Temp. Cold Storage

Ultra-Low Temp. Cold Storage

  • Product Description

Product introduction:

Medical cold storage design, pharmaceutical cold storage installation, and medical cold storage construction, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Food and Drug Administration on medical cold storage, high quality and high standards for the construction of pharmaceutical industry-related cold storage projects, with the company once passed GSP, GMP certification;

For drug manufacturers, the medical refrigerated warehouse designed and constructed by our company is highly efficient and energy-saving, and the products are environmentally friendly and flame-retardant. During the later period of use, the cost of maintaining the cold storage of medical refrigerated warehouses is reduced to ultra-low levels.

Technical parameters (low temperature cold storage project within 100 cubic meters):

1. Medical cold storage temperature range(℃):

Low-temperature storage library: -20°C to -50°C Preservation of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, etc.

2. Cryopreservation library: -50°C~ -100°C It can be used to store placenta, semen, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples, etc.

3. Polyurethane insulation board performance and parameters
Polyurethane insulating material has excellent thermal insulation performance, good stability and long service life.

4. Polyurethane main technical performance index

LNEYA application LNEYA application



Results of testing




Thermal Conductivity(w/m℃)















Electronic control section:

The function of automatic switchover of the medical cold storage outside the electronic control box with dual control circuits is usually referred to as (regular power supply and standby power supply);

Control the use of automatic switching between the main compressor and the sub-compressor. Siemens PLC, 7-inch color touch screen, with automatic monitoring, control, display, and temperature on-line and lower limit alarm function. Record temperature, use advanced temperature and humidity recorder, remote SMS alarm。

Refrigeration parts:

Cold storage refrigeration equipment: mainly cold storage compressor and evaporator selection.

The cryogenic cold storage is used in the semi-closed compressors of Italy, the copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger, and the main refrigeration accessories are famous brands such as Emerson, Danfoss and Castor.

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