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Ultra Low Lab Freezer DW -30℃~-86℃

Ultra Low Lab Freezer DW -30℃~-86℃

  • Ultra Low Lab Freezer DW -30℃~-86℃
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Ultra Low Lab Freezer DW -30℃~-86℃

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InformationIt is widely used in blood stations, hospitals, health, and epidemic prevention departments, research institutes, electronics industry, chemical medicine, biological engineering, laboratory, military industrial enterprises etc.
LNEYA application LNEYA application

Model DW-8L158S DW-8L398S DW-8W598S DW-8W930S DW-8W58S DW-8W118S DW-8W258S DW-8W458S
Temp.range -30℃~-86℃
Inner volume 158L 398L 598L 930L 58L 118L 258L 458L
Inner dimension
Input power 650W 700W 1200W 500W 650W 700W
Inner doors 2 3 3 4 None
Type Vertical Chest type
Compressor SECOP system compressor
Using single compressor cascade technology, simple structure, low energy consumption, low failure rate
Refrigerant Using single compressor cascade technology, simple structure, low energy consumption, low failure rate
Control system LNEYA control system
Display 7- inch color touch screen
Temp. record Real-time curve records of tank, ambient and set temperature,  18 months curve record, export to U disk
( in EXCEL format)
Lock Standard equipped with electromagnetic lock and a padlock hole
Doors open records Can allocate 6 group authorization, each group with independent user name and password, to ensure that
each time it can record the user name and time of opening doors.
Dimension(mm) 770*700
Power 220V 50HZ/ 230V 60HZ
Noise 58db
Material Inner SUS304, cold rolled steel case
Climate type Natural
UPS Standard machine with 24V 12AH control system spare power
Safety Protection High and low pressure protection and display,  Electric leakage protection, Power outage alarm, ambient
temperature monitoring, sensor fault alarm,control system UPS power
why choose lneya

In order to achieve the long-term use of low-temperature freezer minus 30 DEG ~-86 DEG and prolong its life, we need to pay attention while using. Today Guanya will tell something about it and hope them be helpful for you.

1. The indoor temperature should not be too high, it is better to put in the air-conditioned room. Always pay attention to the indoor voltage, keep it stable.
2. Reduce the times of opening the door. Once the sample is not too much. It is suggested that it should be put in batch and classified if the specimen is large.
3. Do not open the door to find things. Take the sample quickly and determinedly.
4. Regular defrosting is also essential.
5. According to the sample storage temperature demand, set the corresponding temperature. When the sample storage temperature needn't to be-86 degrees.It is not recommended to set the temperature to -86 degrees because this makes the ultra-low temperature refrigerator tired and costly.
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