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Plate Quick Freezer

Plate Quick Freezer

Plate Quick Freezer

  • Product Description


The preparation of biological products and pharmaceutical preparations, the preparation of fresh frozen plasma and cold precipitation.

Product overview:

Adopt the contact plane cold plate with the unique structure of the upper and lower layers to ensure that the frozen products are frozen fast, the temperature is even and the surface is smooth.
Use floating cold plate mobile device, built-in precision sensor, meet different specifications of frozen product needs, ensure that the frozen product has good contact, and no worries of rupture.
A single compressor is used to automatically double the cold refrigeration technology.
The compressor adopts the French Taikang brand.
Display high and low pressure of refrigeration system.
It is equipped with self-diagnosis function, overload protection of freezer, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, etc;
Multiple fault alarm (overtemperature alarm, sensor alarm, high voltage alarm, compressor overheating alarm);
Power-on delay protection;
Temperature recording function: set the temperature and cold plate temperature.
Alarm recording function: independent recording failure alarm.
LNEYA application LNEYA application

Technical Specification:



Flat size

620×950 mm

Cold plate temperature



Automatic/manual  less than 3min

Freezing amount

200ml*36 bag Other specifications can be placed to automatically adjust the height of the cold plate.

Freeze time

Less than 25min 200ml The center is below-30degree


Siemens PLC

Touch Screen

7 inchTouch Screen


Ethernet communication interface


Italy Dorin compressor

Drying filter


Oil separator


Expansion valve



R404A R23 Mixed refrigerant

Flat material

Aluminum alloy

Shell material

Cold rolled plate spray






380V 50HZ  5.5KW MAX

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