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Gas Cooling System

Gas Cooling System

Gas Cooling System

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The gas cooling unit is equipped with ultra-low temperature self-cascading low temperature cooling technology to achieve low temperature and ultra low temperature cooling. A low temperature gas or an ultra-low temperature gas can be obtained by passing a constant temperature gas of a certain flow rate and pressure into the gas cooling device. Widely used in aerospace, automotive, defense, semiconductor and other industries, requiring lower temperature gas work requirements.

Minimum output temperature -15℃, -30℃, -60℃, -85℃, -120℃, customizable -135℃ gas cooler
The standard gas has a maximum flow rate of 25m3/h and an optional gas flow rate of 50m3/h within 10bar.
All calculations are based on 20m3/h 4bar low dew point dry compressed air (ambient temperature 25℃)








Minimum Outgassing Temperature






Refrigerating Output

AT -15℃


AT -30℃


AT -60℃


AT -80℃


AT -120℃


Air Requirements

Air Cleaner <5um

Air Oil Content:<0.1ppm

The dew point is allowed to be 10 degrees above the minimum outlet temperature;If the medium is air, it needs to be equipped separately to meet the dew point requirements of the air dehumidifier.

Air Treatment Capacity

Max20m3/h   pressure 1bar~5bar

System Pressure Display

The pressure of refrigeration system is realized by pointer pressure gauge (high pressure, low pressure).

The circulating system pressure is displayed on the touch screen using pressure sensor detection.


Siemens PLC

Temperature Measurement Position

Inlet and exit tuyere temperature

Communicating Protocol

Ethernet interface TCP/IP protocol

Internal Temperature Feedback Of Equipment

Inlet air outlet temperature and cooling water temperature of equipment (water-cooled equipment only)

Temperature Feedback

PT100 Temperature Sensor

Compression Engine

Haili, Emerson Valley Wheel, Taikang, Duling, Carlisle

Evaporative Heat Exchanger

Sleeve heat exchanger, made of copper

Refrigeration Accessories

Danfoss/ Emerson fitting (dry filter, oil separator, high and low pressure protector, expansion valve, solenoid)

Operation Panel

LNEYA custom 7 inch color touch screen, temperature curve display\ EXCEL data export

Safe Guarding

Phase sequence phase breaking protector, freezer overload protection, high voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions



LNEYA Mixed Refrigerants

Appearance Size (Wind)cm






Appearance Size (Water)cm






Air-cooled Type

Adopt copper tube aluminum fin condensing mode, upper air type, condensing fan adopt German EBM axial flow fan.

Water-cooled Type W

W model is water-cooled type

Water Cooled Condenser

Sleeve heat exchanger (Paris / Shen)

Cooling Water Quantity At 25℃


Source 380V 50HZ

1.2kw max 220V

4kw max

6.5kw max

10kw max

12.5kw max


Customizable 460V 60HZ, 220V 60HZ three-phase

Shell Material

Cold rolled sheet spray plastic (standard color 7035).

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