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How to Exhaust Air in the Industrial Chiller of Freon System?

In the daily operation of industrial chillers, it is easy to appear the situation that the air  enters into the refrigeration system. Because the low temperature in the refrigeration system will not condensate the air into liquid, but will affect the heat dissipation of the condenser, resulting in the increase of condensation pressure so as to cause the abnormal operation of industrial chillers.

Therefore, it is necessary to discharge air from industrial chillers in order to maintain the normal operation of industrial water chillers.

Discharge operation steps in the industrial chiller in Freon system:

Close the outlet valve of the reservoir or condenser.

Start the compressor and put the refrigerant in the low-pressure section into the condenser or reservoir.

When the pressure of the low-pressure system drops to a stable vacuum state, the machine will stop.

Rotary loosen the by-pass screw plug of the exhaust cut-off valve.  the exhaust valve stem makes the valve three-way by rotating half circle or so, making high pressure gas escape from the by-pass hole.

Use the palm of your hand to block the exhaust air. When the hand feels cool and there are oil marks on it, it means that the air has been basically exhausted, and the screw plug should be tightened, and the reverse exhaust valve stem should be rotated, and the bypass hole should be closed.

It should be noted that the time should not be too long, which can be carried out for 2 to 3 times in a row, in order to avoid wasting refrigerants. If the top of the condenser or reservoir is equipped with a spare stop valve, air can also be directly discharged from the valve.

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