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Three-Room Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Three-Room Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Application: Various Reactors, Distillation or Extraction System, Laboratory, University, Research Institute, Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Semiconductor and Electrical Test, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Biochemical, Biological and Other Industries.

  • Product Description

Applied range:

Three box is hot and cold impact test box according to user requirements design and manufacture, is suitable for the aviation, aerospace, military industry, ships, electrical and electronic products such as the machine and parts of high and low temperature impact test and high temperature or low temperature storage and test environment.For the user to accelerate the test of the whole machine (or parts), electrical apparatus, instrument, material, coating, coating and so on, so as to evaluate the test behavior of the test product or test.

Performance characteristics:

1. The equipment is divided into high temperature box, low temperature box, test box of three parts, adopt unique thermal structures and heat storage effect, perfectly still, the object under test in testing the application of cold and hot wind path switching to cold, hot hot and cold impact test temperature import test area.

2. Use the most advanced measuring device, large color LCD controller USES a human-machine touch dialog type LCD human-machine interface controller, the operation is simple, learning easy, stable and reliable, the English display the complete system operation conditions, implement and setting process curve.

3. 96 independent setting test specification, impact time 999 hours 59 minutes, cycle 1 ~ 999 times can be set, which can realize automatic machine operation, the maximum extent, automation, reduce workload, operating personnel can be run automatically start and stop work at any time;

4. A 50mm diameter test hole is provided on the left side of the box, which can be used to test parts of power load wiring.

5. Can the independent set high temperature, low temperature and hot and cold impact the function of three different conditions, and perform in cold and hot shock condition, can choose two slot or three slot and cold shock, thermal shock impact function, has the function of the high and low temperature testing machine.

6. Fully automatic, high-precision system circuit, any movement of any machine, complete with P.L.C lock processing, all adopt P.I.D automatic calculation control, and the temperature control precision is high.

7. Advanced scientific air circulation design, keeping indoor temperature even and avoiding any dead Angle;Complete safety protection device, avoid any potential safety hazard, ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment.

8. Set cycle times and defrost times automatically (manual) defrost.The air outlet is controlled by the return air taste detector. The switch time of the damper is completed within 10 seconds, and the temperature recovery time of the cold and heat shock is completed within 3 minutes.

9. Operation state display and curve shows that an exception occurs, the screen instantly automatic display fault point and the reasons and provide troubleshooting methods, and found that the input power is not stable, with emergency stop device.

10. Refrigeration system using the cascade efficient cryogenic loop system design.

11. Super safe protection function: power overload protection, leakage protection, control circuit overload, short circuit protection, compressor protection, grounding protection, overtemperature protection, alarm sound warning, etc.

12. The inner and outer material of the box is made of stainless steel plate (SUS#304). The external material has a different outer box material to choose from :GB/T2423.1.2-2001, GJB150.5 GB10592-89.

LNEYA application LNEYA application

Technical parameters:






Temp. range of cold and heat.





Shock Temp. Range





Cavity size





Heating Power





Stable temp. fluctuation





±2℃(Normal pressure, No load)

Conversion time


Recovery Time



Siemens PLC controller, Siemens color LCD touch screen.

Accuracy range

Setting accuracy: temperature 0.01K, indicating accuracy: temperature 0.01K


Platinum resistance PT100Ω/MV


Fully independent system, stainless steel flange pipe heater.

System internal evaporator




Circulation pump

Guanya Magnetic Circulation Pump


KDOC-70 Thermal conductive silicone oil


France Taikang

Italy Dorin

Italy Dorin

Italy Dorin


Paris/Shen's Tube Heat Exchanger

Cooling method

Water cooled

Cooling water 25 degrees

1200L/h 2bar

1500L/h 2bar

3000L/h 2bar

4800L/h 2bar

Circulatory system

Temperature and low noise air conditioning motor. Multi-leaf centrifugal wind wheel

Carton material

Quality carbon steel plate. Phosphating electrostatic spray treatment / SUS304 stainless steel matte line hairline processing

Inner box material


Insulation material

Polyurethane rigid foam/ultrafine glass fiber cotton

Door frame insulation

Double layer high and low temperature aging silicone rubber door sealing strip.

Safety protection

Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheat, overload, over current protection Self-diagnosis function; Freezer overload protection; High pressure switch, lack of cooling water protection and other security features

Power 380V 50HZ


16kw MAX


36kw  max

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