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Do You Know How to Save Electricity in Low Temp Freezer?

The name of low temp freezer should be known to all, that is, the temperature inside the cabinet will be very low, so since the temperature is low, the relative power consumption is more. So under such circumstances, how can we save electricity? Are there any methods and ingenuity? Let's take a look at them. If we find out where the power consumption of cryogenic refrigerators is, then we know how to save electricity. First of all, when we talk about the cold cabinet door, when we switch the cabinet door, the air temperature will enter the low temp freezer. Then the refrigeratory needs to run and continue to increase the air-conditioning. If the door opens once for 10 seconds, the refrigeratory compressor will run for about 10 minutes, and the power consumption will inevitably increase. In addition, the hot air entering the cabinet door not only increases the heat load of the cryogenic refrigerator, the temperature rises, and the compressor runs for a long time, but also thickens the frost layer of the evaporator and decreases the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator.

Secondly, when using low temp freezer, many people use it as common three-door refrigerators. The lower the freezer temperature is, the more conducive to food storage. In fact, different foods need different storage temperatures. We should adjust the storage time reasonably according to the types of food stored. Food storage in refrigerators should be adjusted appropriately. Food in low temperature refrigerators should not be too much, but not too little. They all have certain heat capacity. When the food is too small, the heat capacity of the refrigerator will be significantly reduced, so that the first start-up time of the cryogenic refrigerator can be reduced, but the downtime will also be significantly shortened. Because food has a certain capacity of cold storage, if there is less food in the cabinet, the capacity of cold storage will also decline, so that the ratio of starting and stopping refrigerators will be higher when no load. Therefore, the purpose of saving electricity can be achieved by properly adjusting the storage of food in low temperature refrigerators. In fact, these are closely related to the details of our daily life, as long as we do these, we can save a part of the electricity.
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