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Discharge Operation Steps of Industrial Chiller in Ammonia Refrigeration System

When using air separator to discharge air, the return valve of air separator should be placed in normal open state to reduce the pressure of air separator to suction pressure, and other valves should be closed.

The mixed gas intake valve is properly opened so that the mixed gas in the refrigeration system of the industrial chiller enters the air separator.

Opening liquid supply valve a little throttles the ammonia liquid into the air separator to gasify and absorb heat and cool the mixed gas.

The rubber hose used to connect the outlet valve joint causes one end to be inserted into the water of the water container. When the ammonia in the mixed gas is cooled into ammonia liquid, the bottom of the air separator will frost. At this time, the air valve can be opened slightly, and the air will be discharged through the water container.

If the bubbles are circular in the process of rising in water without volume change and the water temperature is not turbid or rising, the releasing thing is air. At this time, the opening of the air release valve should be in an appropriate angle.

Ammonia in mixed gases is gradually condensed to liquid ammonia and accumulated at the bottom. From the frosting of the shell, we can see the height of the liquid level. When the liquid level reaches 12, close the throttle valve and open the return throttle valve.

The ammonia liquid of the bottom is refluxed to the air separator to cool the mixed gas. When the bottom frost is about to melt, close the return throttle valve and open the supply throttle valve.

When stopping discharging air, the discharging air valve should be shut down to prevent ammonia leakage, and then the throttle valve and the mixed gas intake valve should be shut down. The return valve should not be closed in order to prevent the pressure rising in the bleeder.

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