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During the working process of the energy storage system, the lithium battery system, battery management system, energy storage monitoring and other systems will generate a lot of heat due to current changes. To work, some systems will feature water-cooled chillers with dedicated energy storage systems.

High reliability performance and sustainability

LNEYA liquid-cooled chiller is equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen, which can precisely control the water temperature to 0.5°C, and the ambient operating temperature range is -45°C~55°C. At the same time, it can realize the working environment temperature of the battery pack, prolong its life cycle and improve the protection level.

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Battery storage box

EV charging station

Integrated power station

Data Center


  • Li-ion battery pack
  • Utility Scale Storage Systems
  • Wind Storage System (Wind Turbines)
  • Battery Recycling and Repair
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations


  • Rated for outdoor use (NEMA 4/4X)
  • Operates in all climates
  • Can be used in high altitude severe weather areas
  • Remote temperature monitoring capability
  • Monitoring and Data Acquisition System Integration

CNYL-4kW Liquid cooling chiller for Energy storage and power station

ModelCooling PowerTemp AccuracyAmbient Use Temp.Network
CNYL-4kW45kW±0.5℃-45℃~55℃Things Platform

CNYL-5kW 8.5kW Liquid cooling chiller for Energy storage container battery cooling

ModelCooling PowerTemp AccuracyAmbient Use Temp.COPHigh Voltage Power

CHDYL-4kW liquid cooled chiller for EV charging pile cooling

ModelCooling PowerTemp AccuracyAmbient Use Temp.Network
CHDYL-4kW45KW±0.5℃-45℃~55℃Things Platform

Cooling methods for data center coolant distribution units:

  • Liquid cold plate heat exchange
  • Liquid-liquid cycle


Air-cooled liquid-cooling cold plate chiller

The heat dissipation is as high as 15kW, which can quickly complete the construction of edge computer rooms and the transformation of old computer rooms. Annual OUE≤1.2, heat exchange increased by 10%.


Liquid Cooling – Liquid Cooling Integrated System

The heat dissipation reaches 300kW, which can realize the natural heat dissipation of server equipment. It has an independent heat exchange system, power supply system and monitoring system, and can be used in data center micromodules.

CDU working principle

Attentive service

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