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Cautions for Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

With the application and development of science and technology, cryogenic refrigerators have been widely used in many fields: ocean fishery, scientific research institutions, cryogenic experiments of special materials, electronic industry, chemical industry, military industry, University experiments, bioengineering and so on. It can be used for low temperature test of biological products, ocean products, viruses, pathogens, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, electronic devices, etc. In order to make the cryogenic freezer better use and prolong its service life, it is also important to pay attention to the use and maintenance of the freezer.

Cautions for use of ultra-lowtemperaturefreezer:

1. Requirements of equipment environment: To keep the outside of cryogenic refrigerator clean and ventilated, it is necessary to keep the horizontal position of cryogenic refrigerator stable, and to ensure that there are no sundries around.

2. Management Requirements:ultra-lowtemperaturefreezer isrecommended to be maintained by special people, and passwords should be set in the user interface to avoid unnecessary effects caused by irrelevant personnel's erroneous operation. In daily maintenance, industrial refrigerators recommend cleaning the ash-proof layer network once a month to maintain good refrigeration effect and low temperature effect for a long time. Because the air-cooled condenser of cryogenic refrigerator is easily contaminated with a certain ash layer, regular cleaning is very important.

3. Use Requirements: When using the equipment, try to reduce the number of opening doors. When opening the door, don't waste time. Take it out as soon as possible. Once there is more ice in the refrigerator, it is better to remove it with less sharp objects.

4. Storage requirements: When placing products, it is recommended not to use cryogenic refrigerators as quick-freezing boxes. When placing items at room temperature, try not to exceed 1/4. If you need to place more things, try to place them in batches to achieve cooling effect. We are ultra low temperature freezer manufacturers. Welcome to choose our products.
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