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Ultra-Low Temperature Chiller

Reactor systems, Low-temperature reactions, Pilot plant, Syntheses, Process development, etc.

Ultra low temperature refrigerator, also known as ultra-low temperature freezer, cryopreservation box. The ultra-low temperature refrigerator is suitable for blood station, hospital, health and epidemic prevention system, scientific research institute, electronics industry, chemical medicine, biological engineering, high laboratory, military enterprise and so on. In chemical and pharmaceutical aspects, it can be used for scientific research, cryogenic test, and preservation of special materials. At the same time, in addition to the deterioration of chemicals themselves, the storage safety of laboratory chemical reagents should be considered, not only because the loss of precious samples is very troublesome, but some high risk, toxic samples, and reagents will be very dangerous.

While the ultra-low temperature refrigerator, which has good safety system and refrigeration system, solves these problems reasonably and efficiently, so it has a wide application in the field of chemistry and pharmacy. In addition, the maintenance of ultra-low temperature refrigerator is particularly important for prolonging its life and normal use. If the temperature control is inaccurate, it often causes the objects to be damaged, which has a great influence on the goods, thus affecting the normal work.

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