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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer- GX/GY series

Quality controls, Determining the shelf life of products, Freeze drying, Food development,etc.

With the continuous development of the era, the ultra low temperature refrigerator is becoming more and more important because it is applicable to many industries, involving research, low-temperature testing, and preservation. In general, in food, hospitals, health area, ultra-low temperature freezer is mainly used for freezing red blood cells, white blood cells, the skin, bacteria, semen, biological products and low-temperature preservation and test of special material.

It is suitable for blood stations, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention systems, scientific research institutes, chemical medicine, biological engineering, advanced laboratory and so on. Adopt double layer detachable door seal to ensure that the sealing strip is easy to be replaced after aging, and the inner door is designed to reduce the cooling loss of opening door. In terms of security, electronic lock function, only authorized password can open, make the use more secure and reliable. Therefore, ultra-low temperature refrigerator can meet the needs of food, hospital, health and other fields as well, and it is widely used.

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