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Refrigerated Heating Circulator-SST/HR/HRT

Temp. range -120℃~+350℃, closed system, intelligent temperature control(control material and oil temperure in the same time)

The refrigerated heating circulator is a laboratory instrument with dual functions of heating and cooling. This instrument uses a number of proprietary technology, high precision of temperature control, high automation, automatic heating or refrigeration according to the set requirements. The temperature control is accurate, the heating and cooling functions are used in common, and the requirements of various biochemical experiments can be met. It has a beautiful appearance, small size, reasonable structure, reasonable configuration of all kinds of internal components, external accessories, so this equipment is easy to operate, has good heat dissipation, high efficiency, and quiet operation.

In addition, the heating and cooling recirculator has an ergonomic design of the heating and refrigeration cycle machine operation panel, the temperature control is accurate, the heat preservation and temperature insulation structure design is reasonable, and the full closed cycle system ensures the high temperature without oil mist. It is a high precision intelligent control system which can be applied to various environment and various equipment. Therefore, the refrigerated heating circulator is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, physical, physical, testing and chemical analysis, and can also be used in research departments, colleges and universities, factory laboratories and measurement quality inspection departments.
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