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Low Temperature Freezer -LC/LJ/LN/CDLJ/LD

Application in Bioreactors, Breedings, Fermenters, Cell cultivation, Incubation, Analyses, etc.

As a kind of storage equipment, the low temperature freezer is widely applied in medical and health, scientific research in universities, disease control and prevention, and inspection and quarantine. The low-temperature freezer is majorly for the low-temperature storage and test of frozen red cells, leukocyte, skin, bacteria, semen and special materials. Since the first low-temperature freezer of independent innovation was invented in 2006, it has been promoted swiftly through ten—year development, especially the emergence of BioBank. In addition, how to transfer the cold chain of biological samples and the relative transportation has been paid attention to.

But with the excellent performance of accurate temperature control, safe control system, efficient refrigerating system, humane design, and low energy consumption and late maintenance cost, the low-temperature freezer is able to deal with these problems well. Thus, the freezer is used universally in the field of biotechnology, including the low-temperature storage and transportation of biologics.

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