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Cooling Heating Thermostat Bath-Bioreactors

Bioreactors, Breedings, Fermenters, Cell cultivation, Incubation, Analyses, etc.

The refrigeration heating thermostatic water bath is a box device used to raise or cultivate biology or part of the biology such as cells at a certain temperature. Some of the thermostat used to hatch eggs were heated by hot water (water temperature), but most of the experiments were electrothermal, equipped with electric heaters and temperature regulators, it is a box or cupboard with Adiabatic Materials on the outer wall. The refrigeration heating thermostat mainly consists of plate and gold box, refrigeration system, heating system, humidification system, air circulation system and control system.

In biological technology, the refrigeration and heating thermostat can be used in plant culture and breeding experiments in laboratory, bacteria and microbial culture. It is also used for breeding, fermentation, microorganism culture, various constant temperature tests, environmental tests, material denaturation tests and storage of articles, such as culture medium, serum, medicine and so on. Among them, the temperature range of the biochemical refrigeration heating thermostat is usually between 0-50 degrees, and the humidity is between 50-95. Therefore, it is obvious that the refrigeration heating thermostat has greatly promoted the development of biotechnology.

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