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The chiller is a kind of heat exchanger for cooling down the fluid, usually with water or air as the coolant to remove the heat. The chiller is a heat exchange equipment which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, and food, etc. As the continuous development of process technology in electric industry and semiconductor technology, the tools for designing the spare parts system have been changed at a high speed. The products must be provided with more functions and the size cannot be larger than the previous or those of opponents, even they should be smaller so as to maintain the competitive advantage. So it requires the design tools of electronic products to utilize the physical space more economically.

More functions usually indicate more complicated the electronic product is, and smaller in size to the gradually increasing heating density of electronic building brick. Thus, the demands of heat managing technology for heat dissipation or temperature control become higher and higher and even become a bottleneck to the development of electronic component technology. If the temperature problem cannot be solved, the component with high power cannot be commercialized. How to avoid the electronic components and devices to be overheated or how to cool down their temperature have been goals which scientists or engineers always want to achieve. To acclimate this designing trend of electronic products, a variety of temperature managing technologies have appeared. Operating the chiller not only is free from dynamic components or driving with cold coal and reducing the noise and environmental problems but can be applied in the process of semiconductor materials. It can be commonly used in small components such as telephone, household appliance, photoreceptor or amplifier owing to its small size.

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