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SUNDI-420W used in 10L double-layer glass reactor

Test Conditions
Test temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 180 ℃
Cooling capacity: 1.8kW 180 ℃ …… 0 ℃
1kW -20 ℃
Load thermal medium: KDOC-220 7L
Reaction kettle: SENCO 10L double-layer glass reactor
Reaction kettle stirring speed: 135 rpm
Insulation situation: simple insulation

SUNDI-420W is used in SENCO 10L double-layer glass reactor.
40 minutes. It can be seen that the jacket temperature reaches -31.6 ℃, so the process of cooling down is fast, and the adaptive control dynamically displays the material
There is no overshoot. The entire process from -10 ℃ to -30 ℃ takes 50 minutes, and the heat transfer medium is reduced to minus 40 ℃ at least.
There is no overshoot of the reaction materials in the whole process, and the heat transfer medium is heated from -30 ℃ to 80 ℃ in 19 minutes

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