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Thermostatic Bath SC -50 /-100 ℃

Thermostatic Bath SC -50 /-100 ℃

  • Thermostatic Bath SC -50 /-100 ℃
Thermostatic Bath SC -50 /-100 ℃
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Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in the industrial chiller, environmental chamber, industrial freezer, thermostatic bath, multi-reactor chiller (TCU), recirculating air control system and ultra-low temp. water-cooled chiller.We are the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and development industry.

Refrigeration system

1. Singlecompressorcascaderefrigerationtechnology.
2. Fastercoolingspeed, energy saving, high efficiency, low noise.
3. Famous brand compressor.

Model SC-5005 SC-8005
Temperature range -50.00℃~100.00℃ -80.00℃~100.00℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.03℃ at -40℃ ±0.03℃ at -70℃
Temperature resolution 0.01k
Tank volume Diameter 200mm*150mm
Slot opening size Diameter 200mm
Effective volume 5L
Temperature control mode PID adaptive controller
Circulation pump flow rate 10L/min 0.7bar(Standard is inside the loop, but it can receive into the outer loop mode)
Input Display 7-inch color touch-screen input and display
Data record Temperature curve records, USB data export(Excel format)
Alarm function Over-temperature alarm, sensor malfunction alarm, independent overheat prevent device, refrigeration unit abnormal alarm
Sensor PT100
heating power 600W
cooling capacity 20℃ 600W
-20℃ 400W 550W
-35℃ 300W 480W
-45℃ 200W 100W
Warning: Do not open refrigerator when the system defined above 30℃
Material tank SUS304
Case material SUS304
Interface size 12mm(outer diameter)
Compressor SECOP Tecumseh
Dry filter Emerson
Refrigerant LNEYA mixed refrigerant
Machine size(mm) 400*500*750 400*600*1150
Power supply 200V 50HZ 1200W max 200V 50HZ 1350W max
Weight 55kg 75kg
Thermostatic bath of Guanya refrigeration company is widely used for drying, distillation, concentration, dipping in chemical reagents, pharmaceutical and biological products, and can also be used for thermostatic bath heating and other temperature test. It is a necessary tool for biological, genetic, viral, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research.

The characteristics of the structure of thermostatic bath

1. The water tank of the workshop is made of stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance.

2. High temperature control precision, digital display, and automatic temperature control.

3. It is easy to operate and safe to use.

When using, you must first add water to the pot. The water level must be higher than the surface of the electric heating pipe. Then connect the power, while setting the temperature, press the SET key to set or view the temperature setting value. Click on the SET key, the temperature display character starts to flicker which indicates the instrument enters the set state; at this time, press the " " , the set value will decrease, press" ", the set value will increase, and press the " ", the number will change rapidly. When the setting value is reached, press the SET button again, then the instrument will return to the normal working state. When the temperature is set, the heating work starts and the upper left corner indicator of the temperature display is on. The temperature shows the current temperature value, when it reaches the set temperature, it enters the constant temperature state, and the indicator light of the upper left corner of the constant temperature display will be extinguished.
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