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Salt Fog Test Chamber

Salt Fog Test Chamber

Salt Fog Test Chamber

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Scope of application

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, the application fields of all kinds of electronic and electroplating products are becoming more and more extensive, and the environmental conditions are becoming more and more complicated.Only by reasonably specifying the environmental conditions of the product and choosing the environmental protection measures of the product correctly can the products be protected from damage in the storage and transportation and safe and reliable in the process of use.Therefore, it is necessary to carry out artificial simulation environment test for materials or products to ensure its high quality.Artificial simulation environment test is a scientific generalization of the actual environmental impact, which has the characteristics of typicalization, standardization, convenience for use and convenience for comparison.The diversity of environmental conditions and the importance of environmental testing have also put forward stricter requirements for environmental testing equipment.

Performance introduction

The salt spray test is a kind of artificial simulated salt spray environment. Compared with the exposure test in atmospheric conditions, it has obvious advantages: the corrosion environment can be controlled and the environmental reproducibility is good.The test time is obviously shortened.It saves a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources.It has been developed and popularized very quickly, and has been developed from the initial simple neutral salt spray test: acetic acid salt spray test, copper salt accelerated acetate fog test and alternating salt spray test.

The equipment can reach any temperature point between normal temperature and 55 degrees in the test working space and maintain constant.Salt spray corrosion test for materials or products under constant temperature and relative humidity in the specified volume.

The materials used to make the equipment are imported corrosion resistant PP plastic sheets, which do not react with saline solution or acidic saline solution, and do not affect the test results.The internal and external pressure balance of the equipment is designed, the salt mist is free to settle in the box, and can be adjusted to the national standard.In addition, the design takes into account the top of the equipment, the inner wall and other parts will have condensed water, which will affect the test results if it drops to the test sample.So of this equipment is designed to be 106 ° included Angle, thus, this equipment is in the process of test, the condensed water will not affect the test result onto the samples.

Reference standard

GB/T 2423.17-2008 basic environmental test procedure for electrical and electronic products: test method of salt spray test.

GB/ t2423.18-2000 electrical and electronic products environmental test part 2: test Kb: salt mist.

GBT 6458-06 metal covering layer neutral salt spray test.

QB/T 3826-1999 test method for corrosion resistance of metal coating and chemical treatment layer of light industrial products.

GB/T 5170.8-2008 electrical products environmental test equipment test method salt spray test equipment.

GB/T 10125-2012 standard name: artificial atmosphere corrosion test salt spray test.

GB/ t10587-2006 salt fog test box technical conditions.

GB/T 1771-2007 paint and varnish resistance to the determination of salt mist properties.

Restrictions on product use

The test equipment is prohibited to test the media with the following conditions:

Test and storage of flammable, explosive and volatile substances.

Testing and storage of corrosive substances.

Test or storage of biological samples.

Test and storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples.

Characteristics of our third generation salt spray test box

Our salt spray test case is currently used in the imported PP plastic sheet with absolute resistance to high temperature and deformation. Compared with the traditional salt spray test case, it has obvious advantages.

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