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High-Low Temp. Low Pressure Test Chamber

High-Low Temp. Low Pressure Test Chamber

High-Low Temp. Low Pressure Test Chamber

  • Product Description

Product overview:

Chamber structure: High and low temperature test chamber under low pressure is shaped by CNC machine tool. It is beautiful and generous, easy to operate.
The inside of the chamber is made of circular barrel, with air duct and heat exchanger inside, and the radiation layer and heat sink are installed to improve the low-pressure heat transfer.
Control system: Siemens PLC+ Siemens touch screen control system, wincc configuration software.
Refrigeration system: adopting imported-brand cascade refrigeration technology, which can realize the temperature range of - 75 ~ 200 degrees. The internal heat exchanger, plate heat sink and radiation layer use heat conduction oil as the cooling fluid.
Circulatory system: use the secondary circulation system, magnetic pump to transport circulating oil.

LNEYA application LNEYA application 

Technology parameter:





Chamber temp. range




Object temp. range




Chamber volume




Heating power




Temp. constancy

±0.5℃(Normal pressure, no load.)

Temp. uniformity

±2℃(Normal pressure, no load.)

Temp deviation

±3℃(Normal pressure, no load.)

Object Temp. Control

Depression can choose + / - 1 ℃ accuracy of temperature control on the surface of theobject Temp. Accuracy:±1℃

Heating rate


Cooling rate


Pressure range

Normal pressure~0.1kPa

Pressure deviation

Atmospheric pressure~40Kp:±1.8Kpa;40Kp~4Kpa:±4.5%;4Kp~0.1KPa:±0.1Kpa

Decompression time

≤45min(Atmospheric pressure~0.5kPa)


Siemens PLC controller, Siemens color LCD touch screen.

Precision range

Setting accuracy: 0.01K, indicating accuracy: 0.01K.

Temperature sensor

Platinum resistance PT100Ω/MV

Pressure sensor

Electronic pressure transmitter.


Fully independent system, stainless steel flange pipe heater.

Internal evaporator

Copper tube aluminum fins.

Plate heat sink


Circulation pump

Guanya Magnetic circulation pump

Secondary refrigerant

KDOC-80 Thermal conductive silicone oil






Paris/shen's Tube heat exchanger.

Cooling type


Cooling water 25 degrees

1500L/h 2bar

2200L/h 2bar

3000L/h 2bar

Circulation system

High temperature and low noise air conditioning motor. Multi-blade centrifugal wind turbine

Chamber material

High quality carbon steel plate. Phosphating electrostatic spraying process /SUS304 stainless steel fog face line texturing treatment.

Inner Material


Heat preservation material

Polyurethane rigid foaming/ultra fine glass fiber cotton.

Door frame and heat insulation

Double layer high and low temperature aging silicone rubber door sealing strip.

Security and protection

Leakage, short circuit, over-temperature, motor overheat, overload, over-current protection have self-diagnosis function;Overload protection of freezer;High pressure pressure switch, cooling water lack of protection and other security functions.

Power 380V 50HZ


16kw MAX


Meet the demand:

Gb10590-89 low temperature/low pressure test chamber technical conditions;

Gb15091-89 high temperature/low pressure test chamber technical conditions;

GB11159-89 low pressure test box technical conditions;

GB/T2423.25-1992 low temperature/low pressure comprehensive test chamber;

GB/T2423.26-1992 high temperature/low pressure comprehensive test chamber;

GJB150.2-86 low temperature/low pressure (altitude) chamber;

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