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Reactor Systems, Low Temperature Reactions-Sundi Series

Reactor systems, Low-temperature reactions, Pilot plant, Syntheses, Process development, etc.

A nuclear reactor is a device that can maintain controlled self-sustained chain nuclear fission reaction to achieve nuclear energy utilization. A nuclear reactor is able to generate a self-sustained chain nuclear fission process without the need for additional neutron source by properly arranging nuclear fuel. When nuclear fission releases lots of energy, it can provide heat for heating, desalination, and chemical industry. At the same time, a large number of neutrons released in the chain fission reaction can be used to produce a large number of radioisotopes.

It is known to all that the use of radioisotopes is extensive, including industry, chemistry, and medicine. Besides, nuclear energy can be used not only for heating but also for refrigeration. Tsinghua University has conducted a successful test on the five-megawatt low-temperature heating reactor. Because of its high concentration of energy, low fuel cost, good comprehensive economic benefit and light pollution to the environment, the nuclear reactor system is of great significance in alleviating supply and transportation tension, purifying environment, reducing pollution and so on. So the nuclear reactor is a kind of way for nuclear energy utilization in the field of chemistry and pharmacy.

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