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Dynamic Temperature Control System-Sundi Series

Application in LED Raw Material, Laser Ablation

The luminous efficiency and supply of power of LED for lighting is one of the keys in LED industry. At the same time, PN junction temperature and shell's heat dissipation are particularly important, influencing the thermal properties structure of LED. The thermal resistance will be bigger as the temperature difference between PN junction and lamp base varies widely, followed with light energy being transferred into heat energy to be wasted uselessly and destroy the LED when serious enough. So, how to control the ambient temperature which will have an indirect impact on electrical and mechanical performance thermometer appears vital in particular.

The common technology today is to take advantage of aluminum plate to pack, with which the chip's dissipation and light conversion efficiency will encounter bottleneck of the technical core so that the junction temperature cannot be controlled effectively and the light output with high power cannot be maintained stably. Moreover, as the higher the light efficiency of optical core is, the larger the required aluminum plate area is, the cost and applied volume will raise up, causing inconvenience. While the use of dynamic temperature control system-sundi series has broad prospects.

Dynamic temperature
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