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Cooling Heating Thermostat Bath

Reactor systems, Low-temperature reactions, Pilot plant, Syntheses, Process development, etc.

The refrigeration heating thermostat is equipped with an electric heater and a temperature regulator. It is a box or cupboard with an insulating material on the outer wall. The refrigeration and heating thermostat can be widely used in the aseptic test of medicine, textile, food processing and so on. It is also widely used in the fields of medical and health, biological medicine, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and so on. The stability of the constant temperature environment is very important for the chemical reagents. In addition, the related industrial production is based on the follow-up development of the constant temperature environment, so the thermostat plays a very important role in the chemical industry.

In medicine, the medical thermostat is mainly used for the storage and transportation of drugs and reagents, the cold storage and heat preservation of the vaccine and blood, the temperature of the dialysate and the warming of the physiological saline. From above, we can clearly see how important the refrigeration heating thermostat is. For medicine, the thermostat is always in a very important position. Therefore, in the process of industrial production, the requirements for the thermostat are more stringent, such as the reliability of the quality, the maintenance and management of the thermostat, and the price of the thermostat itself, which are very important for the enterprises in the industrial production of the products.

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